The documentary BEFORE THE FLOOD


Thanks to an account on I follow on Instagram (hey zerowaste vegetarian!), I heard about a documentary called Before the Flood that was released by National Geographic last week and is currently on Youtube.  So being the ever-curious lady that I am, I asked the hubs if he wanted to watch it – so watch it we did.

The documentary follows Leonardo DiCaprio throughout his role as the United Nations’ Messenger of Peace.  I decided to take notes throughout – something I’m finding very useful as I get older.  Things that stuck out to me and that I wrote down:

How much of a stronghold fossil fuel companies have over government

Not just ours, but in other countries as well. It reminded me of how Monsanto does business.  Basically government officials are bribed by these large companies to lobby for them and keep the doors open for them to destroy our world do business.  You can actually look on the website Dirty Energy Money and see which U.S. politicians are accepting money from fossil fuel corporations in return for favors.

Florida’s flooding

In the state of Florida, they are experiencing such severe flooding from climate change that they are conducting a 400 million-dollar project (paid by taxes) to create electric pumps to pump the water back out, as well as raising their roads.  Now to me, this doesn’t seem to be very proactive.  Being proactive would be to accept the reality of climate change and work towards reversing it, not building things to try and stop something that’s just going to get worse in the future. On top of that, using the phrases climate change or global warming in Florida’s state Department of of Environmental Protection (DEP) is actually no longer allowed – seems a bit counterintuitive, don’t you think?

The catastrophies of the Palm Oil industry

I’m in the process of writing a separate entry about this one because there is so much I didn’t know about it!  I had heard that palm oil is bad, but I had never looked up why.  Basically, the majority of palm oil (a vegetable oil) is being sourced from rainforests (mainly in Indonesia) which in turn is destorying the rainforest and its habitats.  As I found out from the website Say no to Palm Oil, human rights are also violated because often it is children who are made to source it.

Other points or facts:

  • Lack of access to clean water and no food caused by climate change can (and already do) lead to civil conflict and war
  • Through the amount of pollution we create, the eco-systems that help us get rid of pollution can not keep up with us and are dying or we are killing them off (reefs, rainforests)
  • The countries who contribute the least to global warming are affected the most
  • Changing your diet by eating less meat, in particular beef, is one of the easiest changes you can make to help fight climate change
  • The company TESLA is harvesting sustainable energy in the form of batteries, in its goal to sustainably power the globe.  In fact only 100 of these batteries are needed to power the whole world!  
  • Enforcing a carbon tax would be the “silver bullet” for climate change.  People would consume less energy.

And finally,

Once the U.S. people are convinced that global warming is real and we need to do something about it, its leaders will be convinced.

A good leader, or even one who’s not so good, knows that it has to listen to its people, even if the goal is to just be liked or stay in office.  Same goes with companies.  They are in power by pleasing US, the people.  If enough people refuse to buy something they don’t like, the company won’t sell it.

Of course images, being able to see the devestating effects that global warming is having on our planet, is very powerful, and so I recommend you watch this documentary!  And let me know what you think.


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